422, photojournalism

NYC: street photography, Central Park (part one)

Molly May climbs a tall rock in Central Park. She is bouldering, free climbing without any ropes. May spent the afternoon with her brother, Micah May who has been climbing for over a decade.

A friendly game of soccer in a leaf-covered field in Central Park, Nov. 19.

Break dancers impress a crowd of onlookers in Columbus Circle, outside of Central Park.

A Salvation Army worker shakes his bells and booty at Columbus Circle outside of Central Park, Nov. 18.


2 thoughts on “NYC: street photography, Central Park (part one)

  1. stefan mummert says:

    I’m Stefan from your picture!! Glad to find your pics, they are really beautiful! Would it be possible to get them by mail?
    Thanks in advance and happy greetings from Germany!!!

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