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Monday 8/22 CMU FA strike: Student for Faculty Support

Central Michigan University students in support of the faculty association march on campus Monday afternoon. Tanya Moutzalias - co-visuals editor/

Monday, August 22 classes were supposed to begin at Central Michigan University, however only a hand-full of classes actually began that afternoon as most professors were spread around campus picketing. 600+ Members of CMU’s faculty administration went on strike against the lack of agreement with the university’s administration over FA contracts.

CMU senior, Tom Jackson, Waterford, talks with campus police Officer A. McArthur outside of Warriner Hall with other student picketers whom are in support of the faculty association, Monday afternoon. Tanya Moutzalias - co-visuals editor/

Students supporting the FA marched from Warriner Hall and rallied in support of their professors. Students even knocked on CMU President George Ross’s door, but were dismissed when he was out of office. Campus police stepped in to distance the picketing students to those people who had business to attend to within the hall.

Attorney, Robert M. Vercruysse, walks to a press release outside Warriner Hall, 4pm Monday as students picket for good faith bargaining. Tanya Moutzalias - co-visuals editor/

Around 4pm a press conference was held at the CMU seal, outside of Warriner, were the FA found out a temporary retraining order was put on them by Isabella County Circuit Court Judge Paul Chamberlain ruling in the administration’s case.

Professors were no longer allowed to picket or they would be held in contempt of court. Throughout the week, students picketed each day between Anspach and Pearce Halls, a main center of campus, in support of the the FA- since the FA were not allowed to assemble or message their voice.

That Friday, a court decision ruled that the work-order is still in place, but the FA are now allowed to picket. The FA and administration will have 3 meetings with an outside fact finder this fall to try to resolve the conflict in agreeing to a new FA contract.

The Detroit Free Press said, “With several universities across the state facing contract negotiations next summer, and public employees absorbing cuts to pay and benefits, the court hearing this morning will be closely watched and possibly inform future contract talks.” Check out this FREEP article: As court hears CMU strike case, political mood may hurt faculty, experts say

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CMU student, John Priest holds up a sign with other CMU students in support of the faculty association march on campus Monday afternoon. Tanya Moutzalias - co-visuals editor/

Central Michigan University students show their support for the faculty association during the FA's strike Monday, when classes were supposed to begin. Tanya Moutzalias - co-visuals editor/

CMU students in support of the faculty assocation, take their march to President Ross's office. Students were told he was not in his Warriner Hall office and currently unavailable, Monday afternoon. Tanya Moutzalias - co-visuals editor/

CMU Highland senior, Katherine Horace, writes a letter to President Ross outside of Warriner Hall Monday afternoon. Tanya Moutzalias -