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Halloween Arsons in Detroit

Detroit fire fighters fight a two-story vacant dwelling fire fully engulfed in flames at 5902 Ivanhoe on Detroit’s near-west side Halloween Night just after 10 p.m. Another large vacant-dwelling fire was started about an hour prior a couple blocks from Ivanhoe and Ironwood was also ruled suspicious. (Tanya Moutzalias/Special to the Detroit News)



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Village Halloween; NYC

Halloween fell on a Monday this year. I planned my nyc trip around Halloween, before i even knew about the Village Halloween Parade. this annual parade brings thousands, and i mean thousands of people together in Greenwich Village for a huge Halloween parade, anyone can be in the parade if they are in a costume, hundreds of puppets are made for the event as well as floats and different cars for projecting music.

Everyone i knew in nyc was at work or in class, so i headed there by myself. Ended up meeting some people on the subway and hung out with them the whole night. We climbed like 4 barricades to get into the parade, found our way into a speakeasy, watched the masked occupiers collect in Union square with the Halloween parade, went to the gun bar, and managed to find our way into a two story rooftop gay club.

Unicorn Killers /twins on the subway

Bean; i meet her and her friend on the subway. I was on the way to the Village Parade by myself cause everyone was working or in class. So i went with my new subway friends for the night. We climbed like 4 barricades to get into the parade, found our way into a speakeasy, graffitti bar, then ended the night at two story- roof top gay club.

A real NYC police officer, who was retiring in two weeks, with a fighter in the Village Parade.

Village Parade

gay pride skeleton

Black Swan

LMAFO dancing on the subway

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#Occupy Wall St meets Halloween

Just got back from a whole week in NYC. Took off a week of school to go and document Occupy Wall st. I have been following this movement, before it even began, look back to my August 14th post about the year’s global “reconstruction, riots & revolts, protests & general assemblies” in which i lastly mention everyone should keep an eye this call to occupy wall street. My intuition told me to go, after spending much time covering Occupy Detroit and watching the occupy movement go global- i knew i needed to go to the origin of the movement.

I planned this trip around Halloween as i knew something special would be happening at the occupation and in New York in general. More photos and info to come.. but for now, my favorite batch of photos: Occupy Wall Street meets Halloween

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