Georgia Street Community Collective; Detroit’s east side

Georgia Street Community Collective is on the East side of Detroit off of Gratiot. Mark Covington turned abandon land near his east side home into a community garden. He bought an abandon building for a $1 and turned it into a community center, which hosts summer movies, super bowl viewings and Easter egg hunts. This community collective is a great example of how a turning abandon land/structures into a garden improves the surrounding community.

Mark Covington of Georgia Street Community Collective & Gardens

photojournalism, portfolio

Golden Gate restoration project, Highland Park / #occupydetroit

Dylan just moved to Highland Park this past fall from NYC.


Cortez, volunteer/ninja/go--getter

JB, artist and resident of the Occupy Detroit house

new windows


the last supper



lotto tickets were everywhere


i spy with my little eyes, a peacock